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Revista Colombiana de Estadística Vol. 38 N. 1

Editorial: Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Autor: Varios Autores

Año de edición: 2015


ISBN: 01201751-38-1


Welcome to the second issue of the 38th volume ... Read more

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Welcome to the second issue of the 38th volume of Revista Colombiana de Es¬tadística (Colombian Journal of Statistics). As the outgoing Editor in Chief of this Journal, I would like to thank in the first place to all our readers and people involved with the Journal as authors, referees, Editorial and Scientific Committees and Patricia Chavez, our assistant for their continuous hard work and participa¬tion to let us improve day by day. Since 2016, two new Editors will assume this role: Professors Liliana López and Ramón Giralda. They are already working hard to keep our standard and even improve it with sorne new policies they will be discussing in future issues and to get the entrance of the Journal in the ISI Web of Science Database back again (we are still appearing in this database under the Scielo collection but without impact factor index). Other impact factors as the SCimago Journal Rank indicator has triplicated its value for this journal from 2008 (0.101) to 2014 (0.300)



Fernando Rojas, Víctor Leiva, Peter Wanke & Carolina Marchant 
Optimization of Contribution Margins in Food Services  by Modeling Independent Component Demand

Yuri A. Iriarte, Héctor W. Gómez, Héctor Varela & Heleno Bolfarine  
Slashed Rayleigh Distribution 

Luis Fernando Melo-Velandia, John Jairo León & Dagoberto Saboyá 
Cointegration Vector Estimation by DOLS far a Three-Dimensional Panel 

Nuri Celik, Birdal Senoglu & Olcay Arslan  
Estimation and Testing in One-Way ANOVA when the Errors are Skew- Normal 

Augusto Maciel da Silva & Marcelo Angelo Cirillo 
Simulation Studies of A Holder Perturbation in a New Estimator for Proportion Considering Extra-Binomial Variability

Hyo-11 Park 
Nonparametric Simultaneous Test Procedures 

Thiago Andrade, Heloisa Rodrigues, Marcelo Bourguignon & Gauss Cordeiro 
The Exponentiated Generalized Gumbel Distribution 

Sunil Kumar, Sandeep Bhougal, N. S. Nataraja & M. Viswanathaiah 
Estimation of Population Mean in the Presence of Non-Respo.nse and Measurement Error 

Javier Castañeda & Marc Aerts 
Accounting far Model Selection Uncertainty: Model Averaging of Prevalence and Force of Infection Using Fractional Polynomials

Nicholas T. Longford & Mercedes Andrade 
Decision theory for the variance ratio in one-way anova 
with random effects

Saikat Mukherjee, Farhad Jafari & Jong-Min Kim
Optimization of Spearman's Rho 

Mariano González & Juan M. Nave
Identification of common factors in multivariate time
Series Modeling

Hanwen Zhang & Fabio H. Nieto 
TAR modeling with missing data when the white noise process 
Follows a student's t-distribution 

Sergio Martínez, Antonio Arcos, Helena Martínez & Sarjinder Singh 
Estimating population proportions by means of calibration

Zoraida Martínez
Curves Extraction in Images

Información adicional

Información adicional

Editor / Marca Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Autor Varios Autores
Ciudad Bogotá
Facultad Facultad de ciencias
Año de Edición 2015
Número de Páginas 324
Idioma(s) Español
Terminado Rústica
Alto y ancho 16.5 x 24 cm
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Varios Autores


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